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Generate UUID in PHP

23 Feb

I posted this last year to and thought I’d just share it here as well. It’s a short write-up and demonstration of a PHP class you can use to generate various versions of a Universally-Unique Identifier, or UUID.

The php5-uuid functions could definitely use some documentation to clarify how they should be used, but here’s what I’ve gleaned by examining the OSSP source code (found here:

The uuid_make() function takes two arguments when generating v1 or v4, but four arguments are required when generating v3 or v5. The first two arguments have been thoroughly demonstrated and are straightforward, so I’ll skip to the as-yet non-described arguments.

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Text Beautify WordPress Plugin

09 Feb

I’ve just submitted my first ever plugin to the WordPress repository. It’s called Text Beautify and can be found at the following URL:

The purpose of the plugin is to beautify post titles, post contents, and comments of your WordPress blog. In post contents and comments, the text is made sentence case. In post titles, it is made title case, so all words are capitalized except for a user-defined list of exceptions, such as: of, an, the, etc. It is really targeted at persons with a refined sense of text aesthetics and people who just want their content to look nicer.

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