PHP Human File Size Function

19 Nov

Just found myself needing to display bytes in a human readable format. There are countless examples that use a lot of complex techniques to achieve this, but I wanted a simpler solution. This is the method that came to mind. Rather than basing my algorithm on the numeric value, it is based on the length of the bytes.

function human_filesize($bytes, $decimals = 2) {
  $sz = 'BKMGTP';
  $factor = floor((strlen($bytes) - 1) / 3);
  return sprintf("%.{$decimals}f", $bytes / pow(1024, $factor)) . @$sz[$factor];

This will return the number with the appropriate initial (B for bytes, K for kilobytes, M for megabytes, etc.) appended and the numeric with the specified number of decimal digits. It’s obviously pretty straightforward, but I always like coming up with a new way to do things and this is a faster solution than probably most if not all I’ve come across.

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  1. Andrew Milsted

    March 30, 2013 at 2:00 am

    I really like the function, a lot more elegant that doing a loop, just had a thought your strlen function to get the $factor is base 1000 when bytes is base 1024
    have you thought of:
    $factor = floor(log($bytes,1024));